Day 1

Hello, yes, I really did make another AMW thread. But I didn’t do it because I felt like it, but because I think it’s necessary. Without further ado, I will inform you what this thread is all about.
It is going to be used as a development log for all my work on my current project. [insert title here]
I’m going to log every day I work on it, just so you all can see how I go about making this. Possibly Darkroot too, if he decides to post here. Yes, he’s the programmer. 😀
Day 1
Today was the starter day, and I was super psyched that Darkroot agreed to join me. Whoo! While we just started, I got some stuff done.
Things accomplished:
– Main character sprite sheet. [insert character name here]
– Place-holder art for first “section” islands.
Thing to accomplish in the near future:
– Add more characters.
– Create a concrete game write-up.
– Add some detail.
Well, the island view is rather long, and I don’t think it will fit on AG full view, so here’s a link. Link. Also, remember, this is just place-holder art, which means it’s not nearly finished.
The sprite sheet is not really 100% visible. Since, AG has a white background, and considering that the character’s legs are white. So it would be basically invisible unless put on a backdrop…


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