Day 20

*wipes off three pages of dust*

Alright, now that I’m done with the class, I have all the time I want to update you guys with what we’ve been doing and what we will be doing.
Wow, it’s been twenty days since we started this, and I’m kind of proud we are still working hard on it. Go us! 😀

On the coding side, Darkroot has finished the collisions, which is basically the core of the game, I believe. We have a playable demo currently, but it’s super super rough. He’s currently working on the character animation movement and all that fun stuff.

On the art side, I haven’t done a lot, since I have to be cautious of what is possible, and what isn’t. I’ve done several buildings, more character movements, and I have been doodling a lot on paper, brainstorming about character designs.

I’ll keep you posted~


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