Day 2

Day 2
Today I am mainly focusing on getting a concrete grasp of what I really want this thing to turn out to be. Also, as mentioned on CT, the fear or failure, is a very good motivation for me.
I really should have included this in the OP, but it’s better late than never.
The general idea of this game is about the little adventurer that runs around doing deeds for his fellow villagers. His village is comprised of separate islands, that are linked with bridges. There really is nowinning, it’s basically just to have fun adventuring.
I’m still deciding whether there should be enemies, but I know for a fact weapons will not be a feature. Maybe jumping on their heads to kill them, I will come to a conclusion soon.
For every deed you accomplish, you will earn XP. After a certain amount of XP gained, you’ll rank up. For every few ranks, you will be able to explore more islands and villages, which, brings more tasks to complete.
Some of these tasks might include fishing, or even finding a lost pet. The list is endless, really.

Don’t worry, I understand, you don’t like reading, there will be pictures for you to drool over soon. o3o


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