Update: QR Code Information (For Those Who Don’t Know About the Game)

Update: QR Code Information

(If you were directed to this website via QR code)


Some of you here were directed here by a QR code, put up in the streets of a city in Florida. The posters may be very similar to those ones below.

Some info for all of you directed here by the QR code and haven’t heard about Guanxi is below.

Guanxi is a flash based-game in the making. Darkroot is coding the game, ProfessorOak is the graphics man for the game (also the one that made the QR posters), and Fluidvolt is making the music for the game. The project started on Jun 10. ’11 with just one piece of artwork displayed, that was just a place-holder there was much work to be done.

The name for the game as a true meaning behind it as I’ll quote,

First I came up with was ‘Pinnacle’. No apparent reason, it just hit me, and I thought it sounded neat.

Second one is ‘Guanxi’. It kind of sums up the game itself. Definition: “In traditional Chinese society, you would build up good guanxi by giving gifts to people, taking them to dinner, or doing them a favor, but you can also use up your guanxi by asking for a favour to be repaid.”

Since the game is all about doing tasks for people, it sort of makes sense. -ProfessorOak


If you have anymore questions please feel free to post a comment below and it will be answered as quickly as possible.


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